labrada protien shake 20g 500ml salted caramel لابرادا بروتين شيك

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Labrada Lean Body 500ml Salted Caramel Pack


Indulge in the tantalizing combination of sweet and salty with the Lab Lean Body Protein Shake in Salted Caramel, now available in a convenient pack of 12. These 500ml ready-to-drink shakes offer a perfect balance of indulgent caramel and a hint of salt, creating a taste that’s both satisfying and nutritious. Labrada Lean Body is a trusted name in sports nutrition, known for their commitment to quality, and their Salted Caramel Protein Shake is a testament to their dedication. Each shake provides a generous 40g of high-quality protein per serving, making it an excellent choice for muscle support, recovery, and satisfying your taste buds. Whether you’re in need of an on-the-go protein source, a post-workout recovery option, or simply want to enjoy a convenient and delectable protein shake, the Lab Lean Body Salted Caramel pack of 12 is the ultimate solution.The Lab Lean Body Protein Shake in Salted Caramel flavor is celebrated for its premium ingredients and high protein content. The combination of sweet caramel with a touch of salt creates a delightful flavor that appeals to both your sweet and savory cravings. With each shake offering 40g of protein, this ready-to-drink option is a convenient and enjoyable way to fuel your body and treat your taste buds. Incorporate the Lab Lean Body Salted Caramel Protein Shake pack into your daily routine and experience the perfect balance of taste and nutrition that Labrada Lean Body is known for. It’s a dependable and satisfying way to curb your cravings and meet your protein goals with a convenient and delicious protein-packed shake that you can enjoy wherever you go.


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