UN Animal test انيمال تست

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Animal Nutrition – Animal Test


“Animal Test is the ultimate supplementation that is involved in muscle supporting and promotes testosterone production. It manages to combine top natural extracts into one of the most powerful supplements that have reached the market lately. This way, bodybuilding supplementations reach an all-new high thanks to Animal Test, which redesigns the whole industry.

Animal Test features pro-androgen ingredients in its formula. They contain a mix of dynamic plant extracts that support both free and total testosterone, providing compounds that maintain estrogen balance, thus contributing to the increase of the anabolic response. What does this mean? You will gain both strength and size at much higher rates!
The supplement also features the well-known enhancer, 3-4 vanillyl tetrahydrofuran.

This element is extracted from the stinging nettle and supports sex hormones by binding globulin. If you serve a dose that is high enough, such as the one in Animal Test, you receive support for free testosterone and you will enhance your strength and muscle size, but you will also be more focused while performing much better.

Directions Of Use
Take one pack daily with food. On training, days take one pack along with the meal prior to your workout. For best results use for two consecutive cycles – a total of 42 days. Afterward, take 4 weeks off. During this off-time, Animal M-Stak is recommended to preserve lean mass gains.”


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